Qalandar Ki Bargah

I wonder what we call haqeer in English. This is a haqeer attempt at fulfilling a promise. A promise at once fleeting and at once significant as the flap of a butterfly’s wing. This is a promise of our collective history, our identity, our lasting devotion to love, the promise every Pakistani has sung.

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One of my favorite parts about this job is hearing people’s travel stories. They inspire me, but more importantly, they also inspire you. I travel a certain way but there are many ways to fund your trips and travel the world. I hope these stories show you that there is more than one way to travel and that it is within your grasp to reach your travel goals. 

Easy Tips on How to Stay Calm on a Plane

s the Holidays approach majority of us do a lot of travelling during vacations. Google Travel spoke with psychotherapist Reid Wilson, writer of Don’t Anxiety, to get some very easy suggestions to help you stay relaxed and awesome during an air journey. “Don’t sit and silently focus on your problems while verifying your observe,” says Wilson. “Take helpful action.”

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